What is the Best Email Marketing Service?



What is the Best Email Marketing Service?

People always ask is email marketing dying and the answer is always no. It is a crucial part of MY business and marketing. I will say that there is right way to do it and a very wrong way to do it. I wanted to share some recommendations along with insights on the email marketing services I have experience with. Here’s the three top email services that I use in my business and my clients’ businesses, and I’ll also declare a winner out of these 3 platforms.  Feel free to watch the Youtube video on finding the best marketing service.

Email marketing gives you that chance to be personal, almost like you’re talking to a friend. If they know, like, and trust you then they will eventually buy from you. Another great thing about email marketing is that you could build automation. Automating processes are a game changer for entrepreneurs because it gives you more time and saves you money.


Now back when I started my first business 8 years ago, I used MailChimp. It was really the only good email marketing agency out at the moment. However, I find that MailChimp is not very user-friendly, which makes it harder to build those automations. I still recommend it though, I know a lot of people who use it and they’re constantly developing improvements.


There are pros and cons to all of these platforms. I want you guys to find something that you are comfortable with and will save you time and money.

Now there’s a platform called Ontraport. This is very similar to MailChimp. And just like MailChimp, it’s a little difficult linking the automations and making them flow cohesively. One of my clients uses it and loves it. 

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is another platform with really cool tools to use. When I say automation, I mean creating a sequence of emails. You have email one, then email two, and they just trigger each other as somebody joins your email list.

I actually have a Youtube video on how to improve your email marketing campaign for those of you who may already have one. Click here to watch it.

The Winner

So before I declare the winner of these 3 email marketing platforms, I want to give you tips on your content. You should have what I like to call a welcome series. It should really bring that subscriber into your community. Not just reiterating what you sell or offer but what value you are bringing to them since they’ve joined your list.

Okay so the moment you’ve been waiting for, the winner is Active Campaign! It is way more user-friendly compared to the other two in my opinion. You literally drop in an email, a wait time, and you’re done. I love it, and when I found it I automatically knew it was going to be a game changer in my business. Get your free trial and try it for yourself. I want to be transparent, so while it is an affiliate link, I would not offer you something I don’t use myself.

I want to give you everything. My goal is to help you guys save time and money. Stay tuned for more blogs to help you guys build your business in the most cost-effective way. I wish you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial endeavors!


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