Value First

Showing value in multiple ways is key to landing clients that you WANT to work with. With so much competition and thousands of new products and services popping up every day, you must stand out with your value shining bright for customers to grab enthusiastically.



Most people attribute value to money- WRONG- value is actually something that you provide that means something to someone. It doesn’t necessarily mean money, and to honest I actually prefer giving and receiving value in other forms that I will teach you as you read further. ( and I will tell you why this is the case- and no, I’m not crazy and I LOVE money and want lots of it!)

The form of value I love the most is…

You guessed it, ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that will save me time. Yessssss please!!!! ( I think the beach and palms are calling)

If I can get a free add on service of any kind, I will hands down choose this over a discount in price, because at the end of the day this actually pays me more in the long run. ( refer to chapter 3 money mindset- business is NOT a get rich quick scheme )

FREE Gifts ( that don’t cost you)

This can be in form of something tangible OR simply your knowledge. Knowledge is power, so save your secret “icing on the cake” and offer this as value add ons for your customers.


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