Top 7 hot yoga tips



Hey boss babes!

Remember we were talking about that work- life balance, well one of my key tips is paying attention to yoga and meditation in order to connect your mind and body, enabling you to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


One of my favourite activities, is Mokaha Yoga, this is a form of hot yoga, that helps me get rid of all the negativity related to the stress of a long day.

Here are my TOP 7 hot yoga tips!

All the water— Drink LOTS of water, personally I love using my S’Well bottle, which can keep liquids cool due to the triple insulation.

Walk with your own mat— considering you will be sweating A LOT, it’s best to walk with your own mat, as you won’t want to be using the studio’s mat thats available to other people.

That cool fashion– hot yoga gets  well… HOT! it’s key that you want to be comfortable during class. LuLulemon’s  Everlux™ fabric helps keep you as cool as possible while you get hot and sweaty.

Earl bird— the best thing about arriving early to a yoga class, is that you will get a good spot! personally I like to go upfront by the mirrors so I can focus on my own practice and not be distracted by everyone else in the class, it feels like I am the only one in the room !

Clear intentions— before you even start your yoga class, it’s key to lay on your mat and think about ONE thing you hope to get out of that particular class. For instance, maybe you had a  SUPER stressful work meeting, so your intension for that day should be to de-stress. On the other hand maybe you’re just feeling sluggish from eating and drinking too much the night before, so now you want a fresh reset so your intention would be to cleanse and rejuvenate.

Repeat after me— Once you have your intention set, the next step is tp repeat it over and over in your head. Especially during the more difficult moves. Remind yourself why you are there an how you want to help your body and soul.

Meditate— It’s great to take a few minuted after class to close it off with a quick meditation session. Learn about my thoughts on yoga and meditation connectivity here!


xo RW

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