Top 5 Instagram Hacks For Your Business



With over 95 million pictures uploaded and tagged  every day makes Instagram the second most engaging social media platform after Facebook. The reason behind Instagram’s massive popularity is the easy to use interface and photo enhancing filters!

For a freedompreneur, Instagram is a useful tool for business promotion and generating revenue. It’s easy to edit and enhance photos on Instagram so anyone can capture high-quality photos and upload them. 

Food bloggers have the opportunity to share their clicks around the world through Instagram. In addition, Instagram is very popular with photographers who can make their portfolio accessible to everyone. In similar fashion, an entrepreneur has a chance to promote their business through this popular platform by following these hacks:

Create a Perfect Instagram Handle

If you want to earn money through Instagram while promoting your business ideas, you need a perfect profile for it. You will need an impressive and catchy username to begin with. The username should not only be easy to pronounce, but it should be relatable to the followers visiting your profile. Your username will subsequently be used in all other social media platforms for business promotions, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram for Promotional Activities and Revenue Generation

Celebrities and Instagram influencers keep their fans up to date about their lives or their eating habits and inform the community about current projects that they are working on. Fashion bloggers use the platform to introduce their followers to the latest trends in fashion and to introduce their new line of products and accessories.

Freedompreneurs have the chance to promote their business in a similar manner. Make an interesting post regularly so your followers can have something to talk about, the idea is to keep your business alive in the minds of your followers as it’s an essential element of creating brand awareness.

Use Hashtags to Get Trending

One of the most effective ways to be a part of the latest trend on Instagram is to use hashtags, which are currently popular. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags for a single post. Use this opportunity to create hashtags that bring potential customers to your profile. 

Create Appealing Content

Create clear and easy to understand content that’s fun, interactive and brings your followers back to your profile. Use a link from your blog or your sponsor’s handle for lead generation. To establish your own brand on Instagram, you need high-quality content and stunning pictures that match the chosen theme that represents your products or service.

Follower Engagement

Did you know that it’s possible for you to include your followers to endorse your brand and its business ideas? This hack is all about follower engagement! It’s essential to include your followers in your post. Ask your followers to submit a photo or a video that they love and especially if it relates to your business and products. Provide incentives and free giveaways to the winners among your followers. This is one of the best ways to enhance brand awareness.

Thinking out of the box can get you a long way! Be a freedompreneur and live the life you’ve always wanted!




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