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Iman Gadzhi ( Founder, IAG Media, and GrowYourAgency ) made around $3 million last year while Online fitness coach Shelli Cimarosti makes thousands of dollars per month. The point is we all have heard about coaches and experts making thousands of dollars passively for coaching and teaching about topics they love online. Want that life? If so, stick with me here because that’s exactly what we are going to talk about today. How many followers does one need to have a successful business on Instagram, How to make money on Instagram? How to live the life of a freedomprenuer! So let’s begin…

The number of followers you need to have in order to make money on Instagram is…. ‘ not as many as you think’. I made $50,000 in my first launch month using Instagram with just 1000 followers. That’s it. No Instagram ads, no paid ads and no people on my email list. How did I do it? How is it possible with just 1000 followers? This was possible because all my followers knew me, liked me and above all trusted me or you can say that they were an engaged audience. This brings me to my second point…

Engagement is King. Make no mistake the number of followers you have is still the first thing a user notices about your account, and the number of followers you have is still the primary factor that forms your social proof. But due to the rampant practice of buying followers (psst. Please don’t do it!) and terrible engagement rates. People have started to pay attention to the engagement you get on your content, especially if you are trying to sell them a High Ticket Offer. There is also a recent trend of brands flocking towards ‘smaller influencers’ with 5 to 10K highly engaged followers over influencers with a significantly higher following but less engagement and there is good reasoning behind this trend imagine you wanted to promote your product you could go with doing a sponsorship with an Instagram page with hundreds of thousands of followers but the engagement of only 2-3K per post or you could go with an account that has a following of 30k but an engagement rate of 8-10k per post. The truth is some accounts have grown too big and due to that reason have lost touch with a majority of their following while smaller accounts still have maintained and grown that know, like and trust with their audience.  In order to build a truly successful business on Instagram, we will need the best of both worlds. A good amount of following who is engaged with you and your content. Now, what’s a good amount it can be anything starting from 5000 followers But if you still insist on the magical number. Here it is. The number of followers you need to build a successful business and make six to seven figures is 

30 Thousand Followers.

Now don’t get me wrong you can still achieve incredible results/ earnings with a significantly less amount of following after all I made $50K with just a thousand followers. But if you want to be at the top of your niche and get the most amazing results than 30K followers is the number to aim for because It gets you the influence and gets you to that celebrity status, within your niche even though that’s like small to the greater world. It’s still enough to make a million-dollar business from that following alone and I am not saying a million dollars to fluff it up, I scaled my own business without advertising or anything to a quarter million in the first year and  We’re on track to do a million this year. 

So once you have a sizeable following on Instagram that likes you, believes in you, trusts you and is really engaged with your contents the next step obviously is to monetize your audience. Which is the next step – 

How to make money on Instagram as an expert/coach?

I am going to teach you how to make money on Instagram through two sources of income – 

Primary Source –  The primary source of income to make money on Instagram as an expert/coach is by selling a High Ticket Offer. Gone are the days of selling low ticket offers or $100 courses ( although it’s recommended a lot by online gurus ) because what they don’t tell you is in order to make real money selling a low ticket offer or a course you will need money for advertising that you need a big email list or you need to have a massive following and while starting out I had none of these things but I still made $50K in my first launch month all thanks to offering an amazing, valuable high ticket offer. A High Ticket Offer is a service that you charge at least $1000 for. Now if you feel it will be hard-selling your service for such a service dont worry I have got you covered, here’s the video where I teach you exactly that 🙂

Supplementary Source – Once you have hit 10K – 30K followers who are engaged with your content you start to become the micro-influencer which as I mentioned earlier are being preferred over accounts with a million followers by a lot of big companies and brands. So you can actually start doing sponsored posts and charging for your posting and obviously featuring brands or doing shoutouts for such brands or companies. 

There are multiple ways to make money, but obviously, number one, as I said, create that high end offer and literally I have a whole step by step process. You can access it here. Definitely go watch it and I will teach you my step by step process there.

So that’s it guys, I hope you found everything you needed to know to start making money on Instagram as an expert/coach. Also, here’s the link to the video where I explain all about High Ticket Offers  Also, here’s the link to the video where I explain all about High Ticket Offers. If you want to watch my Youtube video all about this, Click here!



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