Three major points of the mind and body connectivity of yoga and meditation

By: Leanne Benn

Author and FOUNDER FREEDOM™ Contributor

It happens to the best of us, not everyday is going to be perfect; as entrepreneurs, we get busy, overwhelmed, occupied, and downright stuck in a rut. It is truly in these moments when we begin to care about our mindfulness. This is where we have to think of ways to live freely while balancing our work.

We often think to take care of our bodies, by eating the right things and staying active but many of us forget to take care of our minds. As Rachel recommends, a healthy lifestyle results in a healthy mind. So get on that hustle!

Yoga— the mind and body connection

One of the fundamental aspects of yoga actually comes with the mind and body connection. Yoga is more than just an exercise class it’s an opportunity to ‘tap’ out and connect your body and your brain. There is a focus on breathing, posture, and most importantly mental awareness. Hatha Yoga is the perfect introduction to yoga practices as it is a slower class focused on breathing and movements. Rachel loves to practice Moksha Yoga— a form of hot yoga, at least twice a week in order to connect her body, mind and soul. “I prefer hot yoga because I feel super cleansed after a class— it releases all the toxins, it’s like doing regular yoga but in a sauna!”



Different types of Yoga offer different experiences


Those that are new to yoga may be unaware of the various types of yoga that you can find. In fact there are 11 major types, as mentioned, a good introduction starts with Hatha Yoga, other types include Vinyasa Yoga and the word Vinyasa itself translates to “arrangement in a special way” in other works it pays key attention to poses, movement and breathing almost in a fluid manner. Other forms include Bikram Yoga, which is another form of hot yoga and Yin Yoga is focused on posture and stability. The key is finding the fit you are happy with and advance your way through ensuring good vibes only!




Meditation— relaxing your body


Meditation is all about getting focused. It’s the way in which we train ourselves to focus our minds. While yoga covers the mind and body connectivity, meditation is heavily focused on the mind. In a sense while meditating it is key to relax your body, release all tension and let go of where you are situated in the room, allowing your mind to travel. While there are various meditation exercises to target different moods, there is a major influence on your body as well. Once you get into the habit , each session becomes easier. Rachel tries to meditate at the end of each class with an “intension.” “I usually focus on life and happiness related topics, I always end up thanking the universe for the abundance of “happiness wealth” in my life.”

Yoga and meditation offers us a never-ending relationship. These feelings are based off of how you feel physically and due to this it will determine how you feel mentally, the same applies in reverse, how we feel mentally will determine how we feel physically.

Remember one of the key ways to success is to live freely and work freely!

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