I can’t thank Rachel enough for her incredible teaching and guidance! The FOUNDER FREEDOM™ program took me through the process that allows me to create the business and life of my dreams! Rachel is a marketing genius and is always positive and motivating. I’m absolutely looking forward to working with her more in the future!

- Liz

Web and Brand Designer

- Dr. Rachel Greenberg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Rachel is a true “Marketing Mentor.” She has the experience of growing a hugely successful business and the marketing expertise behind it. I’ve learned so much from her and I would definitely recommend her program FOUNDER FREEDOM™, especially if you have the dream of owning your own successful business, like I did!!

- Jena

Brand Marketing Expert

- Kate Carnegie

PR and Media Consultant

I love Rachel and her FOUNDER FREEDOM™ platform! It inspires me to accomplish my goals and not only grow my salon business, but also create an online business for my hair extensions, so I can make passive income and travel the world. I love her!!

- Beni

Stylist and Extension Guru

Rachel is not only a friend, but also a mentor of mine! She’s has impressed me with her knowledge and skills in business and marketing. She’s a true professional and is always super passionate which I love! She has helped me to grow my real-estate and interior design business and also motivates me to surpass my goals.

- Daneya

Realtor and Interior Designer

- Catherine Beler

Creative Director

- Kim Ha Campbell

Real Estate Business Expansion Expert