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Do you want to learn how to make money on Instagram step by step? If you do, keep reading because I’m going to teach you everything about making money on Instagram. I first launched my first business and I made $50,000 in my first launch month, using Instagram alone, and I want to teach you the secrets and exactly how to do it.


All about the Foundation, which is personal branding. I always say people buy people, not products and not services. Think about that for a second. Right? Think about all the products and services you bought? Why did you buy them? Because you built that know like, and trust with that person and with that brand with that company. It’s all about personal branding and nowadays is more important. Whether it’s a company, whether it’s your own service or product. It’s really important to do personal branding because you need to build that know, like and trust with your audience. 


Targeting is very important. Something called the Ask campaign. I learned this from my one of my mentors, Russell Brunson, who I mentioned a lot. We want to think about who is our potential, whether you’re just starting out or let’s say you’re not starting out, but you’re having some struggles on selling your products and services online. We all have struggles. So I’m here to help you. Now, I want you to think about who’s your target person or audience? who is that person? Who is the person that you want to work with and want to help? And who is the person that you think is going to benefit the most from your offer or your product or service? I want you to go find these people. I want you to start asking them, what are you struggling with? What can I help you with? Awesome open-ended questions and you’ll get responses and then you will start to see some of very similar responses back to you.


Messaging. What you’re going to do with messaging is you’re going to take your responses from those questions. For example, “what are you struggling with your business?” and I say, “I can’t get leads” Well, maybe your product or service helps people get leads. So, in your messaging, you’re going to say “Oh, well, I can help you get leads” You’re going to right away want to use that wording from the last campaign.

High Ticket Offer

We have High ticket offer. It’s very hard, next to impossible to sell low ticket stuff online. If you don’t have a massive list, you don’t have a massive following. And you don’t have a lot of money for advertising. It’s really, really hard. This strategy alone is going to make you money quickly using Instagram. For example, let’s see price or offer at $1,000. It should be double, triple the value which means i start putting extra stuff in there. That really makes the value go from $1,000 to like $3,000.

Social Content

Next, we have Social Content. So, because of all this work you’ve done, especially with the personal branding, I want you to start posting content on your Instagram feed like your photos, videos, highly recommend videos, of course, talking about your offer and talking about your expertise. As you are an expert in your niche. 80% of your content should be around your niche, around your personal branding and about your expertise giving valuable content.

Social Content Calendar Link

We have Social Content Calendar Link. If you don’t have one of these, make sure you get one. Very important to sell your high ticket offer. We must get on the phone and don’t be scared. The phone is easy. I’m going to teach you how! You’re not going to be that salesman. I don’t want that. We’re not going to be salesy; we’re just going to get on a call. Very important!


Next is Research. So, what is your research your prospects? You have an idea of who would be a good fit or who you want to work with. So, when you don’t Instagram, I want you to search the hashtags within that niche. As an example. One of my targets is coaches and I help other coaches build their high ticket offers and online businesses, right? So, I’ll go to hashtag coach or hashtag business coach or health and wellness coach or anything. I’ll find people that use that hashtag. I want you to make a list, at least 100 people and maybe like their IG handle because we’re going to use that in the next step!


Next, we have Outreach. Now that you have all this stuff done, it’s time to start messaging that prospect list that you made. When you start messaging that prospect list, message them just a nice message like call out something on their feed like “I love that photo” Be real! Don’t be bought. The more human you are, the more you’re going to build that know, like and trust and that’s the whole goal of the messaging and follow up. So eventually try to get them on a call, okay? Offer them a free call. Get them booked on your calendar.

Value-Based Call

Up is Value-Based Call.  On your call I want you to give value because it’s really important to get value on your calls! You need to give value because even if they say no, and that’s okay, by the way, but even if they say no, they could refer you to somebody and they could come back later. So, it’s really important to give actual real value. And this is not just a sales call! I don’t like calling it a sales call because it’s really, really not. It’s all about a value-based call.

High Ticket Closing

Lastly, we have High Ticket Closing. Essentially, what you’re going to do on these calls is you’re going to get value and then you’re going to show them your offer. It’s all about if it’s the right fit to your customer and if you’re the right fit for your customer, so it’s a two-way street. Are they the right fit for your product or service and are you the right fit for them? That’s what it’s all about. It’s not about being salesy! It’s just making sure that it’s the right fit.

So, use these steps effectively! If you want to watch my Youtube video all about this, Click here!



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