How To Create A Catchy Slogan For Your Business!



The business world is always hustling. Whether it’s a manufacturer, producer, distributor or service provider, each one of them struggle to capture their target audience for a considerable market share. With this increasing rate of competition, the struggle turns into a survival battle, where creating a distinctive identity becomes highly essential. Although logo plays a vital role in creating a brand identity, a catchy slogan serves as the cherry on the top.

Let’s understand what slogans are:

What are Slogans?

A slogan is a short expression that outlines the essence of your organization or what you offer in terms of a product or service. Slogans are usually helpful in stimulating specific emotions and feelings related to your business offerings. In simple words, a slogan is a punch line that communicates to the reader what your company and its offerings are all about.

Slogans are not just a promotional tool, they are a lot more than that; it becomes part of your brand identity that is carried on through the life of your business. A powerful slogan can help in communicating your brand essence.

What Are The Elements That A Powerful Slogan Should Possess?

You must have heard about the phrase ‘keep it short and simple’, this is what you need to follow but with a little add on and that is ‘keep it simple, short, and alluring’. Five to six right words would do the job, never over complicate it. While you are trying to come up with an easy and interesting slogan, ensure that you don’t forget to make it a true representative of your brand. Your slogan will be very absurd if it fails to mirror your brand essence

Try using different linguistic techniques to make the slogan impressive. The battlefield of business differentiation is real! Prepare your slogan as your weapon. It should portray uniqueness and convince the audience that your brand is the answer to their problems.

How To Create A Slogan?

Step 1: Narrow Down The Ideas That Explain Your Brand

Start with a bit of homework, note down key factors that describe your brand. This will help you roll out a guide that will keep you on track while creating a slogan. You will be paying attention to aspects that make you different and stand out among your competitors.

Step 2: Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

While you are drafting slogans, remember considering your target audience. They are the ones you are trying to convince, so considering their perspective is essential. If your brand is serving global markets, your slogan should be well accepted in all cultures. A minor mistake can backfire and your journey to success can be in danger.

Step 3: Ensure Your Message Is Communicated

If you fail to communicate your brand essence, the entire purpose of slogan goes down the drain. The slogan should be self-explanatory! It should not leave the audience confused about what the brand wants to say. Apart from being simple and alluring, the slogan should deliver the right message to the audience so that they know what your brand is offering. Choose the one which best fits your brand’s personality. 

Change Should Always Be Welcomed

Keep room for change, your slogan needs to be adaptive so that it fits the changing environment. For instance, if you are expanding your business, then you should consider making the slogan more diverse so it gives you a new brand identity without damaging your previous market standing. To stay completive and relevant in the market, you should welcome change with open arms.

Thinking out of the box can get you a long way! Be a freedompreneur and live the life you’ve always wanted! Best of luck for your journey of creating an impressive slogan!





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