How to Build a Sales Funnel FAST!!



How to Build a Sales Funnel FAST!!

If you don’t have a sales funnel for your business, you absolutely need one. It will transform your business and rapidly increase your revenue.

Now if you already have a sales funnel, I’m going to reveal a couple key elements and secrets that will get you quicker results. Feel free to watch my Youtube video on this strategy.

Squeeze Page

When we’re building a sales funnel, we have to think about where our traffic is coming from. Is it coming from Instagram, social media, our email list?

For an example, let’s say they’re coming from Instagram. I actually have another article about advertising on Instagram, that you can find here. In order to capture them in the lead, you need to create what we call a squeeze page. It’s also called an opt-in page. So let’s say our call to action is a free book download, they will come off Instagram and land on that squeeze page. On this page, they’ll give you their email in exchange for that free book.

It doesn’t have to be fancy guys, we just need to build the funnel fast. You can always tweak the copy, images, and split testing later. For a simple squeeze page, I would recommend a photo of you, what you’re giving away, then ask them to give first name and email.

Sales Page

This is the crucial part of the funnel that’s either going to make them stay in your funnel or leave. But even if they leave it’s okay because you still have that email. Now with their email, you can drive them back to that sales page.

The number one thing when somebody lands on a sales page should be a video. The video should be of you showing your product or service, even someone on your team explaining the benefits to your core audience.

Your sales page doesn’t have to be long or fancy either. Just make sure you have video content to make it pop, how it will benefit your target audience, and a call to action button. The call to action could say “click here and get it for this price”, or “only available for a limited amount of time” or something along those lines.

Order Form

Once they’re sold on that sales page, they’ll move on to the order page where they put in their credit card information. We are not going to make this complicated either. Make sure you have testimonials on the page. I recommend video testimonials because they’re more real and engaging. Just because they’re on the order form don’t mean they’ll buy, right? You can even recap the sales page a little bit to remind them of the benefits and how what you offer will add value to their life.

Where to build

Lastly, I want to recommend a platform for you to use to build your sales funnel. It’s perfect for those who aren’t “techy” like myself. You don’t need to know code, be a copywriter, or have super professional photography.

Click Funnels is a game changer. They have the copy, the images, and the breakdown. It’s literally like plug and play template for you. I actually have a 14-day free trial for you guys to try here

If I can do it, you can do it too. Good luck on your entrepreneurial endeavors!


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