How to Automate Your Online Business



How to Automate Your Online Business


Automating your business is very crucial towards growing it. Now what is automation? It is technology taking over human behaviors, giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business in other ways. That’s why I established Freedom Founders, to help entrepreneurs like yourself take control of their business in a way that allows them to work freely. Feel free to watch the Youtube video as well. 


Email Marketing


Everyone wants to spend time with their family, to travel, to just live life right? We shouldn’t be stressing about managing employees and paying crazy amounts of money for employees, or even overhead costs if you have an offline business, right? So online business is huge. And automation in your business will totally totally make you soar really high and make you soar really quickly in your business without sacrificing your time and without sacrificing your money.

So one big service that I recommend is Active Campaign. This is the email marketing service I use for my own business. When you build your automation, that means your emails are going to be sent out consecutively for you. You’re not writing emails to people on a daily, you can set up some crazy automation on Active Campaign that will blow your mind. You can even set up automation to notify you if you see somebody opening up your emails more. Hey, this person is interested in what I’m putting out there. You should probably connect with them, right? So this is just a powerful tool.

 It’s all running for me. I’m not doing this, I set it up one time. And it’s running, running, running, building leads, I have clear call to actions in my emails, etc. It’s just doing it for me. I used to pay 2-3 employees to do that stuff.



It is an automation that holds all of these other softwares together. It triggers my email sequences to start as well. Zapier will make everything happen for you. The notifications you receive are called Zaps. I have a zap that tells me every time I have a new person come into my funnel. I have another Zap that notifies me every time I have a new lead. I have a Zap that lets me know when someone comes into my email marketing. You are able to know when and how each of your clients are engaging with you.

Sales Funnel


An online sales funnel basically does the selling for you. If you have the right copy on those on those pages, the right videos, the right images and the right call to action then you will generate a lot of revenue. 


You put up a video of yourself saying hey, I have this great product or this great service with this benefit and this benefit. And I’m going to give it to you today for only $100. Well now, that video is doing the sales for you. That’s like you picking up to call a person saying do you want my hundred dollar product or service? So this is super powerful, and get on it and if you are not already, I have some more advanced trainings on this. I just wanted to kind of go over the basics for you.



There’s different types of chat box that you can create. There’s a typical Facebook chat bot. It’s another way of sending out your emails, if that makes sense. So instead of emailing somebody these sequences like in your email automation, with a chatbot you’re just sending it to

messenger, it’s just a different platform. Chatbots have a way higher open rate than emails, because everybody gets a million emails every day, but you don’t necessarily get you know, a million messages on Facebook, right? There’s proven that there’s I think it’s a 30% higher conversion, and open rate on chat box alone over email. Not to say email marketing is dead. This is just another one you could do. So I recommend both. I have both in my business, and it’s awesome. 


So there’s different kinds of chatbots. There’s nurture campaigns, sales, and even accountability bots. So what does an accountability chatbot mean, exactly. This is more for coaches and consultants. So if you’re a coach or consultant, or anything of that nature, you’re teaching. Maybe you have clients, your students or patients even, and you’re giving them value, and you’re teaching them something. You want an accountability bot, which kind of instead of you checking in on people and be like, Hey, how’s it going today? Are you getting this done? Are you learning this, that I taught you? Are you implementing what I taught you? You can literally create an accountability bot that acts as you. I’m launching one of my business and it is phenomenal.


Time is money for me. Time is more valuable than money to be honest. These automations are all saving me a ton of time. It has completely transformed my business. It’s completely changed all of my clients’ businesses. I hope you learn more about these and implement them into your business. I wish you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial endeavors!




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