How to Advertise your Business on Instagram



How to Advertise my Business on Instagram

There are two different streets when it comes to the map of online advertising. There’s Free Avenue and Paid Boulevard. I’m going to tell you three ways on how to maximize your advertising on Instagram. Feel free to also watch the Youtube video.

Before we get into advertising, I always tell entrepreneurs to let an EXPERT handle their paid advertising. Seriously guys, I’ve had so many people tell me how much money was spent on ads for Facebook and Instagram with no return. If you try to do it yourself, it’s literally like setting a pile of cash on fire. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

Personal Branding

You’re probably tired of seeing personal branding, but it is one of the top if not most important element you need to master. You need it even if you’re selling a product or service. People buy people. People buy experiences. People buy connections.

It’s not just a selfie or a random quote, it’s about your story and your message. The story is that connection that you build with you and your target audience.

Free Advertising

There are multiple ways to advertise for free on Instagram. Your feed, story, and IGTV helps you grab your audience’s attention.

Your feed consists of your content – posts, images, and videos. Stories are huge for free and paid really. What I do is post in my feed and then share that post to my story. When there are fresh eyes looking for businesses and products to follow, those stories will appear as well.

IGTV is Instagram’s way of competing with Youtube. It allows you to post longer videos, which gives you the chance to build those longer connections. They’ve recently released an automation that posts to your feed when you post on IGTV. Please take advantage of being able to advertise in 3 ways on one platform, pretty much automated all at once.


Many people don’t know that Instagram has an algorithm that sorts through “spammy” posts. My key number is 30. Never go above 30 hashtags, in fact, you should aim for a little less than that. Another thing when utilizing hashtags, don’t go for the big ones. Use the smaller ones because there’s less competition and more people will be able to see your post. So make sure you find a smaller targeted hashtag in your niche. For example, instead on me putting #entrepreneur which has millions of posts, I’ll do something like #entrepreneurlife.

Paid Advertising

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. DO NOT DO PAID ADVERTISING WITHOUT AN EXPERT BEHIND IT. They know the algorithms and targeting strategies to make sure that your paid ad gets in front of the right people. 

Another element people forget, is that you need to have a hook, a story, and the offer. Pull people in to the point where they stop scrolling. Make sure you have a clear and impactful call to action.

And that’s how you make money on Instagram. You can also watch the Youtube video on this topic here. I wish you the best of luck on your entrepreneurial endeavors!



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