How Perfectionism Has Crippled Me and My Business!




What does it take to be a freedompreneur? Is it doing everything the right way at the right time or is it related to running your own business your way! Let’s face it, you can’t be perfect all the time, and striving perfection every single time isn’t realistically possible.

The Idea Behind Perfectionism

To start with, let’s discuss what is perfectionism and how a concept that was developed to motivate you to be successful, backfires and turns into a disaster. The goal of perfection is simple; it’s about having the drive and the desire to be successful and doing everything right.

Why is Perfectionism Destructive for Business

Contrary to the concept of perfection, we perceive it as something that’s driven by fear of failure. Fear can cripple your business and your self-confidence. Fearing failure is a personality trait that doesn’t sit well with a freedompreneur because you’ll need to take risks for your business.

I myself am guilty of trying to achieve perfection during my career and to be honest it rarely turned out well for me. Since then I have decided to skip the all-or-nothing idea. I am sharing my own experience of how aiming to be perfect almost destroyed my confidence and my business.

Perfectionism Destroys Creativity

In every business’s marketing strategy, it’s essential to be creative and come up with new ideas to improve your promotion campaign. A perfectionist will strive to have a First-Mover-Advantage (FMA) which could backfire sometimes. According to Forbes, FMA’s are no longer the ultimate winners. Instead, the fast followers are the real winners because they make improvements to the newly launched product and capture the wider market.

Stop Obsessing with Minute Details

I have learned from my experience that obsessing with getting everything right including the tiniest detail is counterproductive. It made me lose focus on the bigger picture. Like me, perfectionism can ruin your business and stress you out mentally and physically.

Let’s take an example of an expense and sales report. The report will have clear numbering, formatting, diagrams, zero typos, and plenty of charts but will it be useful and worth all the effort if it was submitted three days later than the deadline? It’s all about doing everything at the right time without getting into unnecessary details to make it perfect.

Negative Effects of Perfectionism on Relationships

Another reason why you should avoid perfection is because I’ve previously made the mistake of expecting the same perfection I display from my team members. It caused a lot of tension in the office and to be honest, it wasn’t a pleasant experience for anyone involved. Therefore, I discourage everyone from expecting perfection from their team members and employees. Motivate them to do their best and put their best foot forward without overthinking about failure.

I believe that it’s better to be yourself, do what you feel is right like a true freedompreneur instead of directing all your efforts on being perfect and flawless. Make mistakes and learning from them is the key to success.

Thinking out of the box can get you a long way! Be a freedompreneur and live the life you’ve always wanted!


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