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For all you High Ticker Closers out there or maybe you’re not a High Ticket Closer yet, but you want to become one. I’m going to teach you exactly how to do it. First and foremost, if you’re not a high ticket closer and you don’t even know what a ticket closing is but you might be interested. Keep reading or check out my Youtube Video.

So, if you have sales experience or if you don’t, you can make so much money. This is going to be an amazing business for you. I have some amazing people on my team to help me out and if you don’t know what High Ticket Closing means or essentially what it is, it’s basically some sort of high ticket or high priced high valued product or service that you are selling for somebody else. You are obviously making that commission right now with high ticket closing. When you do get on a call with a prospect, you know it at the at the root of it all and it’s really all about finding out if this product or service is the right fit for that potential prospect.

When we’re doing sales in general or even high ticket, high ticket sales, high ticket closing, we need to be ethical and make sure that you know, we’re not just selling to sell something that is the worst. And honestly, it doesn’t look good on you and it doesn’t look on the brand that you’re selling for. So, it’s really just about making sure that it’s the right fit for that prospect. It has to be a two-way street! 

Be Trained

You need to be trained. I’m actually working on a training program right now for high ticket closers. So that’s going to be coming up shortly. When I say trained, it doesn’t mean you need to have a paper certificate. You just need to have some experience and even do it for free for a little bit. The main thing and this is what I look for, with high ticket closers is I want experience, I want to make sure that the person has that experience and knows how it does and want to make sure that they’re that ethical. I’m not here to just sell, I’m here to build that relationship and help people. I want to make sure that that’s aligned!

Strong Personal Brand

Build your strong personal brand. This is the foundation to any single business. Like nowadays, it wasn’t as important because there wasn’t as much competition out there. People trusted companies based on the company, right? People need to know and go deeper because there’s so much competition and they need to know who’s behind it. Like, is this person credible? What’s experienced, they need to know who and what is behind that brand. You need to build that strong personal brand.


Pick a niche. Very important! That comes with your experience, like do you want to help coaches? do you want to help maybe somebody in the health and wellness industry because you have that experience and that passion? You can’t sell anything that you’re not passionate about and that you don’t believe in. So, make sure that you pick something that you’re really, really passionate about. That’s really important.


Definitely update your LinkedIn because LinkedIn is where you’re going to get those jobs. I’m telling you; I look for people on LinkedIn all the time. LinkedIn is a great, great spot to find professional high ticket closers and jobs. Make sure you optimize and put who you are and your story. LinkedIn is key! After that’s done, all you’re simply going to do now is you’re going to message your potential people that you want to work with and like I said, pick that passion, product or service.

I hope that helped you out guys. There are so many job opportunities you can make a really big business off. if you want to learn anything else about high ticket closing or High ticket sales or jobs or anything check out my Youtube videos!



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