Ep9: Growing a Healthy Business that Changes Lives as a Solopreneur with Dr. Nina

Attention Freedompreneurs!

Solopreneur, thought leader, binge-eating coach and practicing psychoanalyst, Dr. Nina has really hustled to build her success. Find out how she FOUND HER FREEDOM through her business while having a meaningful impact of the lives of her clients.  

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The importance of having a clear message your passionate about sharing
  • Why you SHOULD be sharing your message
  • How to start sharing that message effectively
  • The magic of sales once you’ve built the Know, Like & Trust factor
  • Leveraging your unique product or service
  • Understanding your true value when setting your fees
  • Why you should take advantage of experts to grow your business
  • How to silence your inner critic
  • Plus, actionable steps you can take to stop binge eating right now!!! 

Featured in the Episode:

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