Ep6 : 3 Simple Ways To Not Overthink Change…And ACT On It!

Attention Freedompreneurs!

Do you ever feel paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake or being vulnerable in your business endeavors?  Would you like some inspiration on how to overcome the fear of change so that you can begin to take positive steps toward building your great business, brand, and free living lifestyle?

Then brew some nice relaxing tea and take a listen to this great interview I had on “Not Another Sales Podcast” with host Not Another Sales Guy! Using my own experiences as an entrepreneur and while starting FOUNDERS FREEDOM (™), I discuss what I truly believe is at the root of fear when starting a business and provide some tangible tips for how to overcome the fear of taking a risk and putting  your passions out into the world.

Listen and feel encouraged and empowered to get rid of your fear of change and start taking positive action toward achieve your business dreams and freedom lifestyle:

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • What I feel is at the root of most fear and how to take steps toward building your business, brand, and future of freedom.
  • How my own experiences as a busy entrepreneur led to my greatest epiphany: FOUNDER FREEDOM(™).
  • What I feel is one of the most important things you can do to center yourself and build a successful business, brand, and free lifestyle.
  • Other tips  from my own journey from entrepreneur to freedompreneur that helped me get here!


Featured in the Episode:

  • Check out Founder Freedom and reserve your seat for my FREE masterclass to learn my secrets to sell your services to your dream clients…. On auto-pilot!
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