Ep 5: How To Manage Ourselves As A Business & Start a Tech Company or App The Right Way! with Expert Guest Lindsay Tabas, “Lady Engineer”

Lindsay T., The Lady Engineer, empowers  non-technical entrepreneurs to grow thriving startups by clearing the path between what customers want and what the engineers build. In this episode, she’s sharing her business tips, tricks and strategies with #freedomprenuers.

Lindsay is a master at marrying software development and  relationship building in the tech industry. It hasn’t always been easy to work within a male dominated field, but she believes strongly in supporting other entrepreneurs. She shares how she meets her business goals, what you should be doing right now to make your business thrive, and why, what and how you should be automating your workflow for maximum productivity.

Listen to this episode learn simple strategies for managing, scaling and automating your  business:

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The expert way Lindsay handled gender bias from a potential client
  • The right way to frame your conversations in business
  • How to present yourself as an expert
  • The key steps to manage yourself as a business
  • What Lindsay does to keep herself accountable
  • Why you should document the processes of repetitive tasks
  • Lindsay’s favorite automation tools and how she uses them
  • How to scale your business
  • The correct way to build an app or software


Featured on the Show:

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