Ep11: Guided Meditation with Vikram Mano — Importance of Meditation and a Calm Mind as an Entreprenuer during Turbulent Times

Attention Freedompreneurs!

In this episode, Mindset Meditation Coach, Vikram Mano, shares how to build powerful mindsets and takes us through a guided meditation.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • The secret to the success of the most accomplished people in the world.
  • Why you SHOULD start Meditation.
  • Importance of Visualisation and Self Image.
  • Why one’s self image is critical to his/her success.
  • Vikram Manos Visualisation Technique to building a Positive Self Image.
  • A 10 minute Guided Meditation with Vikram Mano.
  • Why Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell- Maltz is a great read and
  • How to stay calm, build a positive image and achieve success during such turbulent times.

Featured in the Episode:

  • Learn more about Vikram Mano by visiting his IG profile.
  • Founder of BMM.
  • 4000+ hours of change work experience.
  • Check out Founder Freedom and reserve your seat for my FREE masterclass to learn my secrets to sell your services to your dream clients…. On auto-pilot!

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