5 Tips to Market Yourself



We are all witness to this increasingly digital world. That’s why it is imperative to establish your own presence and market yourself and your business online. Keep reading to learn 5 ways to do just that.

Build a personal brand

Personal branding is all about your image, your story, and connecting to your target audience. If you don’t know what a personal brand is or how to go about developing it, read my other article here. Before you start marketing yourself online, you should ask yourself the following questions:

What is my expertise?

What am I passionate about?

What am I good at?

If you’re able to answer those 3 questions, then you’ve found your niche and your expertise, which means you can identify a target audience. If you cannot answer those questions, go back to the drawing board until you can. Your story is the biggest component of your personal brand. The ability to deliver a clear message about where you came from, what you do, and why you are the expert you are today, will have people coming in by the bus load.

Social media

When I began to market myself online, I immediately went to social media. It’s free and beneficial, so use it to your advantage. I recommend beginning with Instagram because it’s the #1 engagement platform out there right now. Youtube is also a great way to market due to the high demand for video content. By building your brand on these social media outlets, you create that know, like, and trust factor really quickly.

A quick tip for social media is the 80-20 rule. This means that 80% of the content you post should be about your expertise, while the remaining 20% should be personal. It demonstrates what you know and what value you add to people’s lives while also building trust.


As I mentioned before, Youtube is an amazing platform to market yourself. There have been studies that show that video is one of the top marketing tools to increase engagement and conversions. Since Youtube is a video-based platform, you can cross-promote teasers of your videos on other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I understand that it takes a little time to get comfortable being on camera, but once you overcome that hump, I promise it will transform your brand and business forever.

Speaking and events

Even in the digital age, it is important to market yourself offline as well. I advise speaking and going to events because those one-on-one interactions blossom into deeper connections. You can start out local, like at your church or a school, then work your way up. Just like Youtube, it takes practice in order to get comfortable doing it, but after a while it will flow naturally.


A webinar is basically an online presentation. You present your story, your message, or how you can help people. When you do webinars, I suggest that you provide value to your audience. Whether that’s a free training, video series, or masterclass, you want to demonstrate your expertise.

No matter what you present, you have to include that story whenever you promote yourself. For example, I started my first business when I was 22 years old, built it up to multi millions, then started coaching entrepreneurs all over the world. I can do that because of my experience. I’m aware of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to building a business. And that, my friend, is my expertise. See how quick and simple that was?


I hope these tips help you guys and I wish you the best of luck on your journey!



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