How to Make Money on Instagram



How to Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the number one engagement platform out there today. I make money with it. My clients make money with it. Now, I’m going to give you 4 key elements to make money on Instagram too.

Your Niche

A few years ago, I was a nobody on Instagram. Literally guys, no following whatsoever.  I didn’t have my Founder Freedom brand yet and I quickly realized some key strategies to grow my influence and make money off of Instagram.

A lot of times when people come to me, they say they do this thing and then they also do something else. You need to buckle down on your niche and your audience. The three core businesses that market and make money online are health, wealth, and relationships. Figure out where you may fall under the umbrella. Let’s take health for example. A niche under that could be a fitness trainer or nutrition coach. Hone in on your area, and be the best in it.

Credibility and Image

I also like to call this personal branding. If you want more info on that you can read my other article here. Building your personal brand is all about telling your story and connecting to your audience. Showcasing results are a good way to show credibility. 


You won’t make money if you aren’t consistent with your posts. It isn’t just about time consistency (3x a week, daily, etc), it’s about content consistency. I like to tell my clients to pick 3 to 5 themes. For example, my niche/audience is entrepreneurs. My themes include tips and tricks, informational videos on how to grow their business, testimonials from clients, and my personal life to build that connection.

Being consistent with your content and your audience will help you estabish that “know, like trust” factor. Once it is built and that connection is made, people will buy from you.

Call to Action

What do you want your audience to do? Read your content? Comment on your post? Download a free guide? You have to take your followers off Instagram because we don’t own our Instagram followers, we own our email lists. Trust me, I’ve seen it with my clients those email lists are GOLD. 

A tip I want to share with you guys is to have something for free to engage your core audience. For example, I’m offering a free masterclass. It’s in my Instagram bio, I’ll direct people to the link on my posts, it’s the header of my site. Having these consistent calls to action, will increase your chances of engagement and conversions.


Use these strategies and I guarantee your business will thank me for it. Good luck on your Instagram fame!


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