3 Reasons Personal Branding Effectively Sells Your Product and/or Service



Clients have asked me time and time again why their product isn’t selling, and they don’t understand why. They don’t realize that it is because their personal branding isn’t strong or effective enough, and their traffic and sales are suffering as a result.

Creating a compelling story about your personal brand is a key component in business. It is the skill that most successful entrepreneurs have.

Being able to pitch your story and your business in a few clear sentences is what compels others to listen. It is the passive ability of selling your products to clients without pushing them to buy it.

You want to create a business where you are building a great relationship with the best clients suited for your product. You want to avoid trying to hustle for clients just to keep your business afloat. It’s just like how car salesmen approach you when you enter a car dealership. The desperation isn’t attractive for potential customers.

Having a clear and strong personal brand is the key to attracting the best clients and creating great relationships that will help grow your business. Personal branding is important because of these three key reasons.

People buy people, not the product

It means that people buy the personal connection to the product. They buy the experience. It’s about building trust and connecting with your clients.  

It’s all about relating to that product and having a strong foundation.

Because online products and messaging are so saturated that you need a good foundation of trust.

Image by Lisa Fraley

A great example of a fellow entrepreneur who’s created a great personal brand is Lisa Fraley.  She’s not just an entrepreneur, she’s also a best selling author and an attorney. Through her legal expertise, she developed her multi-6 figure legal coaching business Legal Love.  Lisa effectively uses her background as an attorney to build trust towards her clients and help them get legal protection for their brand.

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People buy your story

It’s important to have a relatable story to create trust and connection with your target customer.

Your story acts as the inspiration for your potential clients.  They want to have an idea how to get to where you are today.

Image by Saltpodcast via Wine & Design

Harriet Mills is a wonderful example of an entrepreneur with a compelling backstory. She just got laid off from her corporate job with almost no savings. She didn’t let that define her. After going on a girl’s trip with her friends and taking a class in a paint and sip studio, she created an innovative business that is now known as Wine & Design.

People buy emotions not things

With all the products sold online, people are consumed by thousands of marketing messages daily. Therefore, you need to stand out even more and connect to your potential clients on a deeper level.

I have created two other businesses, each with a different niche, but as an entrepreneur, my passion is helping other entrepreneurs to “live and work FREELY” while having a successful business they are passionate about. You can read about my journey to multi-7 figures as an entrepreneur in my blog post, “My Journey to FOUNDER FREEDOM™“. Helping others is what gives me the drive every morning to hustle everyday in building my business. What’s your drive in building the business you’re passionate about?

It’s important to have a clear mission and really highlight why people are buying from you. How does that person relate to you, and how does your product or service benefit them?

Your website may look more visually appealing compared to your competitors, but if you don’t have a strong personal brand with the right messages, it will just be another website. Design is about personal identity, but personal identity has to relate to your core message.

Your core message should be about how it can help your audience and give solutions that will lead them to success.

What are they going to get out of it?

If you want to find out how to market your business effectively to ‘Live and Work FREELY’, sign up for my free Masterclass!   I can teach you how to create an effective personal brand that will passively sell your products and services.


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