10 Copywriting Tips That Gets Your Email Opened By Your Customers



Getting your email opened by your customers is very difficult. People get a bunch of emails every single day that most people ignore the ones they don’t think aren’t relevant to them.

If it’s not from someone they deal with on a consistent basis, most of the other emails remain unopened.  These unopened emails will continue to increase in number in their inbox. 

Then it becomes enormous that some people delete all irrelevant or boring emails to keep their inbox clean.

I can be guilty of this as well.  Anything that doesn’t relate to me or I am uninterested in, I ignore or delete it.

As an online entrepreneur, you want all the emails you send out to your customers to be opened because this can help you connect with your future clients in a deeper level.  It can also increase your personal branding.

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People only buy from people they connect with.  This is what copywriting is all about.

What is copywriting? 

Copywriting is the art of strategically delivering words that makes people act.  Every word in your website, email and blog need to be strategic to entice the customer to take action.  This can be done by posing a challenge or problem, asking a question or providing a secret solution to a regular problem the client may be having.

What Are the Benefit of Having an Email Marketing Campaign?

I used to struggle with getting my emails opened.  Whenever I sent an email the night before, I anxiously open my statistics window the next day to see how well it did.  I get very disappointed whenever I would see only 25% opened the email I sent from my email list.

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I wasn’t going to get anywhere with my business with this type of open rate, so I did some research.  To become as successful like my mentor Russell Brunson, I needed to learn more in the art of effective email marketing.  I wanted to find a way to have my emails be opened by more than 50% of people.

When I discovered the effective strategies for email marketing, my business changed and these benefits became apparent:

Targeted audience

The more targeted you are with your audience, the stronger your personal branding is.  Like myself, I specifically target female entrepreneurs, but I do have some male entrepreneur clients as well.  Since I target entrepreneurs, my message is specific to marketing and entrepreneur strategies.  It’s much easier for my future clients to find me and know what I’m all about.

Increased brand awareness 

The deeper the connection you make with your audience, the more they become familiar with your brand and start trusting it.  Trust is the key to building a successful business.  If the person you’re initially trying to build a connection with can’t bring themselves to trust you, they’ll leave and disappear and find a different brand that they can trust.

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Since email marketing is all on the Internet, you can advertise and make other people aware of your business without the expensive costs of paper flyers or paying for expensive ads.  You can literally connect with someone across the globe the moment they sign up for your email list.

Improves sales

The more people open your emails, the higher the chance you can get them to buy your product or service.  Whether you want them to buy your product or sign up for your webinar or course.  More leads will lead to more sales.

How do you get your emails opened by potential clients? 

Simple.  Create an enticing email subject line.

Email subject lines are the first line that a potential client reads when they’re in their inbox.  If they don’t find the subject of the email you’re sending them to be interesting or alluring, they can either ignore your email and move to the next one or delete your email altogether.

Mastering the strategy of creating an interesting subject line lets you share your message to an enormous amount of people and potential clients for your business.

Different types of subjects lines

Through studying the subject lines that other businesses have sent, I found four different types of subject lines.  Use the type that will be most effective with the message in your email.

1. Clever or a value proposition

Do you want to be clever or do you have something of value you’re offering?

2. Long or short

Self-explanatory.  Just be careful not to ramble when you have a long subject line.

3. Question or Statement

Asking a question can get your audience thinking and can pique their interest.  A powerful statement can also do the same.

4. Personalized or Not Personalized

A great way to get your audience attention is to add their name to the subject line.  It will help you stand out.  Just don’t use it too much or it could get creepy.

Top Favourite Subject Lines That Customers Open More Often 

Use these top 10 of my most effective subject lines and get your email opened by your potential clients.

Here’s to [a solution to your problem]

This is a simple way to highlight the benefit of your product or solution. 

  • Here’s to shinier and healthier hair
  • Here’s to being more productive during your day

The faster way to [achieve a result]

This style emphasizes speed.  Most people who are looking for a solution to their problem want it done now!

  • The fastest way to getting a flat stomach
  • The fastest way to gain clients

Get rid of [a problem] once and for all

People don’t want a short-term solution; they want a long-term solution.

  • Get rid of that excess weight, once and for all
  • Get rid of self-doubt, once and for all

Ask a question about the problem

 Questions are powerful if you do them well.  The question needs to be specific and it needs to have an answer. 

  • Are you not motivated to work out?
  • Do you struggle to get your emails opened?

Pose a challenge

If you dare them to do something, they often will.

  • Can you finish these 20 books in one summer?
  • Do you have what it takes to explore these 10 countries by yourself?

The uncomfortable truth about [topic]

This is a great phrase because it implies a secret without actually coming right out and saying it.

  • ­The truth about being your own boss
  • The uncomfortable truth about start-ups

The secret to [a result]

 The result of the secret here needs to be specific enough to make it believable.

  • The secret to flat abs
  • The secret to having a luxurious looking wedding for only 15 grand

How a [famous example] achieves [result]

People look up to successful people. A breakdown of what makes successful people successful usually performs well. 

  • How Selena Gomez got over 100 million Instagram followers
  • How Amazon became a trillion-dollar company

This might be the best way to [achieve result] 

The ‘might be’ in the subject line seem less like a claim and more like something you came across and want to share.

  • This might be the best way to use old clothes
  • This might be the best way to save $2000 before Christmas

State a controversy

Controversy can pique a person’s curiosity.

  • Why showering at night is bad for your health
  • Why crunches will not lead to great abs

Great content increases the open rates of your emails.  Having great subject lines leads to high open rates of your emails.  It’s a continuous learning experience.  Always test and see each subject line you use and adjust with what works better. 

The subject line is only the beginning.  

Make sure you also deliver great content because this is what gets people to keep opening your emails.

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