The Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams

Manifesting your dreams into reality is something that the greatest entrepreneurs of all time have done, whether they admit it or not.

It keeps our vision strong and clear for the, sometimes rocky, path ahead of us. When we set out on this path to success, we usually set goals and aspirations, sometimes these are met and sometimes not, but the purpose of it all is to KEEP US GOING, no matter what!

I like to think of “manifesting” as a visualization of the future. It’s literally a road to success. When people say “visualize the light at the end of the tunnel,” it means just that, literally!

It’s something so powerful that can keep you on the right track, with your “eye on the prize.” 😉

I actually LITERALLY visualize a light sometimes, and then that light will turn into business goals, family goals, health goals and overall happiness goals.

Sometimes I even think I manifested my husband into my life because he’s everything I’ve always dreamed of and visualized. Whether it’s true or not, it makes me feel good and keeps me on my road to happiness and success.

Now, I know what you might be thinking…

It’s that easy!?  Okay…NO, it’s not always that easy, trust me I’ve had my fair share of doubts too! It’s just a tool I use to keep myself super clear on my end goal…

So that I know my “why”, and “how”, and “when”, and “what”…

These are all VERY important aspects of growing a business, and what I teach in my FOUNDER FREEDOM™ courses. We need to get SUPER clear on this stuff before we start launching our business to the world!

It will also attract the right people to you that could end up working for you, and trust me you NEED the right people on your “bus!” (Key learning from the book: “Good To Great” by Jim Collins) 

I swear I could go on and on about this stuff, which would probably lead to other topics like “Value First.” ( your next important read!)

…but I’ll leave it there for now, and please join me on my FREE masterclass in June where I will be going way deeper on this stuff and lots lots more. You can sign up at 🙂


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