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Get all the insider secrets to becoming a #freedompreneur. Your host, Rachel Whynot, leading biz & marketing guru for freedompreneurs, will guide you through the latest business and marketing strategies that TOP entrepreneurs are using to live and work freely! You will hear from the BEST in the business. FOUNDER FREEDOM™™ Podcast is your ticket to a wildly successful business and life!

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I’m a Millionaire…So Now What? An Interview with Rachel Whynot

Attention #Freedompreneurs!!! Connecting with others and providing value in a relationship is soooo important for every entrepreneur who wants to be a #Freedompreneur, which is why I’m jazzed to be able to share with you this conversation with Colleen O’Connell-Campbell of the I’m a Millionaire…So Now What? podcast.  You’ll hear a bit of my story,

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Ep6 : 3 Simple Ways To Not Overthink Change…And ACT On It!

Attention Freedompreneurs! Do you ever feel paralyzed by the fear of making a mistake or being vulnerable in your business endeavors?  Would you like some inspiration on how to overcome the fear of change so that you can begin to take positive steps toward building your great business, brand, and free living lifestyle? Then brew

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Ep 5: How To Manage Ourselves As A Business & Start a Tech Company or App The Right Way! with Expert Guest Lindsay Tabas, “Lady Engineer”

Lindsay T., The Lady Engineer, empowers  non-technical entrepreneurs to grow thriving startups by clearing the path between what customers want and what the engineers build. In this episode, she’s sharing her business tips, tricks and strategies with #freedomprenuers. Lindsay is a master at marrying software development and  relationship building in the tech industry. It hasn’t

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Ep 2: Instagram Secrets With Influencer, Tyler J McCall

Did you know that Instagram has the best social engagement rating of any social media platform? Would you like to know some tips and tricks towards building your business and influence through social media marketing on Instagram? Attention Fredompreneurs! It is absolutely imperative that you learn how to grow your business and expand your social

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EP 1: How to Create A Success Podcast: Tips & Tricks From EXPERTS That You Won’t Want To Miss!

Attention entrepreneurs and freedompreneurs! In the launch episode of the FOUNDERS FREEDOM™ Podcast, I explore how easy it is to break into the budding podcast industry in order to further your business, online brand, and social influence online! Become a “freedompreneur” through  the art of podcasting and increase your social reach, audience, and authority all through

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