How to become a mindful and effective leader

By: Leanne Benn

Author and FOUNDER FREEDOM™ Contributor

Mindfulness and business leadership goes hand in hand. It comes down to the character of the leader or (boss babe) behind the business brand. The key component to mindfulness in business is concerned with making leaders more focused and aware in order to handle upcoming challenges that the business may face.

According to the Harvard Business Review, There are three key questions to consider in order understanding the usefulness of mindful practices in business.

  • Does mindful training help develop leadership?
  • How is mindfulness effective?
  • How do we design mindful practices that actually work?

There was no better person to ask these questions to than Rachel herself. As Founder and CEO of FOUNDER FREEDOM™, Rachel Whynot has a very focused mindset when it comes to her business and she is willing to share these tips with you, to help you to live and work freely while dealing with the demands of a business and to become a mindful and effective leader.

Does mindful training help develop leadership?

R: “Yes mindful training can help business leadership because you need to have a clear vision and mindset to succeed in business. If your mind is cluttered with negativity and stress, your vision and goals cannot be executed properly. It’s important to lead your team and tribe to success with that clear mindset!”

How is mindfulness effective?

R: “I use mindfulness in my business every single say. I wake up in the morning with my top 3 goals in mind for that day. This helps streamline processes and set clear goals that are not cluttered with other meaningless “stuff”. That can get in the way of your END goal. I also use daily affirmations to strengthen my mind and infuse it with positivity.”

How do we design mindful practices that actually work?

R: I like to set small mindfulness practices on a daily basis. I meditate and set daily goals the moment I wake up. At some point I like to use yoga or meditation practices to clear my mind of all the “clutter” that is not useful in my life and business. This could include stress, negativity, pain, suffering, doubt, and lack of energy.“

So remember, keep your mind full of positive and healthy vibes and this will help you to become a mindful and effective leader.

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