5 Tips to Find the Right Business Coach



Starting a business is difficult enough, but building a successful business is even harder. Maybe you have an excellent idea for a business, but you don’t know where to start. Or you’ve been building your business for more than a few years and your stuck in finding a new direction to grow your business.

As a proud business owner for over eight years, I have tons of experience in starting my own business from the ground up. I managed to build two different businesses and have succeeded, growing them into a seven figure businesses.

Don’t get me wrong.

I struggled throughout those eight years as an entrepreneur. I made some mistakes throughout my career as a business owner, and each mistake became a setback. With each setback, I took more time to build my business.

An excellent business coach is experienced in building a business to the level you want to build yours, has been through exactly what you are going through and therefore can teach you the rights and wrongs in growing your business.

This can save you time and money along your path to success.

As an experience business owner and business coach of over a hundred clients, I want to talk to you about the five tips to find the right business coach for you.

A good background in building a business

Most business coaches are actually life coaches that can help you with the appropriate life skills in building a business. That’s good and all, but the reason why you want to hire a business coach is to coach you in growing a successful business. Find a person that actually built a business from the ground up. It’s also better if that person actually managed to grow their small business into a medium sized one.

A coach who’s where you want to be

Look for a person who’s accomplished business milestones you want to accomplish. What if you want to grow your passion to a seven-figure business? Only a coach who has actually achieved this can guide you to accomplishing that goal. They know how to get there because they’ve already done it.

Driven to make you succeed

Hiring a business coach is already a large investment. It’s better to find a person who’s invested and passionate to help you succeed in your business. This way, you know without a doubt that this person will continue to push you to succeed.


You want to have a business coach who is confident in telling you when you’re doing something wrong and direct you to the right path. You don’t want someone who’s going to hand hold you. Building a business is a difficult path all on its own. A good coach should be able to make it very easy for their clients and give them a step-by-step path to success! 

Share similar values as you

The business coach you hire is someone you will spend a lot of time with. Make sure you have good chemistry and your values are aligned as well.

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The tips I provide from above are accumulated from my many years of experience as a business owner and a business coach. If you came onto my website because you’re looking for a business coach to aid you in building your business, why not take a chance in me!

Sign up for my FREE Masterclass to find out what I can offer you!

You won’t regret it!


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